Project Name: Intelligent Light Sensing For Next Generation Smart Grids – LightSense (INTEGRATED/0918/0031)

Funding: Co-funded by the European Regional Development Fund and the Republic of Cyprus through the Research and Innovation Foundation.

The overarching goal of LightSense is to provide a holistic solution to improving the efficiency, reliability, continuity and security of the electricity grid under the framework of smart grid technologies. Our solution relies on real-time collection of sensor data, where the sensor is the existing optical fibre network, and smart inferential analytics leveraging state-of-the-art machine learning capabilities. In collaboration with the principal energy distributor of Cyprus (the Electricity Authority of Cyprus – EAC), we will develop essential hardware and software tools that synergistically allow for automated monitoring and timely detection of failures, inefficiencies and potential threats, in a seamless manner that is minimally invasive to the grid. The ground-breaking nature of our smart sensing solution completely obviates the need for any physical interaction with the power transmission lines.


Project Name: AI-Powered Hotel Chatbot (INNOVOUCHER/0722/0026)

Funding: Research and Innovation Foundation.

During a hotel reservation and through the “check-in” process several data are requested by the hotel and more times than often, this information is merely archived and never used again. All this information can be harnessed into providing personal-based recommendations of hotel services that can enhance the experience of travelers by communicating with them during the duration of the stay and understanding their needs, availability and sentiment of their stay. The services that will be provided to the HO are related to the enhancement of its existing Hotel Chatbot with AI-based technologies, specifically hotel resident classification and Natural Language Processing (NLP) for the conversational aspect of the chatbot. By doing this, the HO’s rule-based chatbot will evolve into an Intelligent Hotel Chatbot that takes each user’s profile data (collected at check-in or booking) into account when formulating an answer for responding to their questions.

Project Name: FLOCKAI – An AI-Enabled Framework to Boost Drone Swarm Autonomy

Funding: This project is run by the Artificial Intelligence Laboratory (ailab) and is co-funded by the University of Nicosia Seed Grant Scheme (2020-2022).

The aim of the FlockAI project is to deliver a framework capable of enabling Machine Learning and its applications to drone technology for handling time-critical missions (e.g., search and rescue missions). Specifically, FlockAI will advance the current research plain by developing innovative AI-enabled self-adaptive algorithms to ease energy consumption and improve data delivery timeliness in drone swarms. To achieve these goals, the FlockAI project will explore the use of various power-efficient machine learning models for dynamically adjusting, in place, the data sensing and routing of data over drone swarms while maintaining mission requirements. The methods delivered by the project will be placed in a modular and reusable framework for drone swarm operation.